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Welcome to the family…

Welcome to the family! I thought the best use of my first blog on my page was to introduce you to my family so that when you are ready to book me as your officiant, you’ll consider me part of your family.


I’m Jackie and married to my best friend, Sascha for 9 years.

sascha jackie disney


We have a 3 year old daughter, Lucy and she’s brought more joy to our life than we ever thought possible.

lucy daddy

I moved to NYC from Oregon in 1998 to study musical theatre in the hopes of becoming an actor. I had big dreams of being on Broadway. Although something you should know about me is I believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m not a famous actor but a bigger dream replaced another.

I met my best friend, we got married and we had Lucy.  I stayed in the industry by working  at some of the leading acting schools in the world but my family fulfilled my dreams. I love everything about how my life evolved into this place.

Lucy is our ‘little sunshine’ and she never stops moving. She is kind and funny and is the perfect Reinking princess with a bit of sass.

lucy princess

Sascha is a highly sought after photographer. When he started his business it was impossible to support our family solely with photography. He was working full-time as an architect and shooting nights and weekends. We spent a lot of time apart but knew it was worth it because he was so talented and it brought him such fulfillment. In 2014, we decided it was time for him to follow his dream and SASCHA REINKING PHOTOGRAPHY became a full time business.

So often Sascha would shoot elopements and watch ceremonies but always think of me. He suggested I consider becoming a licensed officiant and we could do weddings together. Officiating immediately excited me after doing my first ceremony, and I realized it could be the next phase of dreaming for me…for us.

I love every moment of performing wedding ceremonies. It’s an emotionally wonderful roller coaster that I adore being a part of. I laugh with my couples. I cry with my couples. I share in my couple’s love. At the end I have joined them as one.  What better job could there be?

I hope you enjoyed getting to know my family a bit and I look forward to getting to know yours.

lucy mommy

Jackie Reinking

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