Jackie Reinking New York Wedding Officiant

"Every couple deserves wedding photos like these"

SASCHA REINKING, New York City Elopement Photographer

Wedding photos are like your rings – you simply can’t get married without having them! If candid and authentic, relaxed and beautiful sound like the words to fit you, then visit Sascha’s website and prepare to fall hard. He captures newlyweds from all over the world right here in New York City. Will you be one of them?

"Their 'all-in-one package' was exactly what we were looking for"

Jackie & Sascha, the New York City Elopement Team

Seeing as we’re all about couples over here, it only makes sense that you can book my husband Sascha and I as a team. We offer the best all-in-one elopement packages in New York City. Stress-free, super fun and so are you, right here in the Big Apple. Sound good?

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New York City Wedding Officiant & Celebrant


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