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As my New york city officiant can you advise us how to get our marriage license?

Getting a NYC marriage license has never been easier for couples ready to tie the knot. In the last couple of years there have been many changes to the process however it’s become consistent and smoother than ever. The biggest change is that you can no longer just show up and wait in line to get your marriage license. Couples must book an appointment to be allowed inside the City Clerk’s office. With the process being streamlined, I’ll outline the steps you’ll need to do to walk away with your NYC marriage license.


How to acquire your NYC marriage license:


1 – Complete your online Marriage License Application.

The application is very straightforward and easy. Before you begin, you will want to be prepared with your personal information for each spouse. This also includes dates of separation for any divorced spouse. Upon completion you’ll get a confirmation number via email. Keep this confirmation number for further use. The completed confirmed application is only good for 21 days. You must be physically in the state of NY for the interview appointment. Follow this link to the application site: www.cityclerkforms.nyc.gov/cityclerkformsonline


2- Secure a Marriage License Interview.

Interview appointments are now available virtually and in-person. New appointments are released every Monday at 9am EST for in-person appointments and every Thursday at 9am EST for virtual appointments. Part of the difficulty for our out-of-town couples is that your interview appointment must be scheduled for when you are both physically in the state of NY.


In-Person Marriage License Interview


Getting an interview appointment in-person is much easier because you aren’t required to do anything additional after you’ve completed the marriage license application. You’ll go online to secure the in-person appointment each Monday at 9am EST when new appointments are released from the City Clerk’s office. You can schedule your in-person interview. appointment right HERE.




Many people think this will be the easier option because you don’t have to go to the office to pick up the marriage license. However, you will have some additional steps before you can even get your appointment scheduled. After you’ve gotten your application confirmation number you’ll create an account with Project Cupid, upload your official photo ID’s (and divorce creed for those that it pertains to), and answer a couple of verification questions for each spouse. Upon verification but before your actual interview appointment you’ll pay the marriage license fee. Then every Thursday morning at 9am EST when new virtual appointments are released, you’ll be able to book a virtual marriage license interview right HERE.


3 – Attend Marriage License Interview.

You will receive detailed instructions from the City Clerk’s office, so you are prepared for attending your marriage license interview. Whether you are interviewing in-person or virtually you’ll need to have with you your confirmation numbers, photo ID’s, divorce creed, a credit card for payment at in-person interviews. Virtual interviews will need the payment confirmation at your interview. Please rest assured that the marriage license interview isn’t an interview deciding whether you are worthy of getting the license or not. The interview is confirming that you are who you say you are and that all the information on the marriage license is correct.


Pro-tip – Please pay close attention to the names, name changes and individual details printed on the marriage license. If either spouse is planning on changing their last name, make sure it appears on the marriage license before completion of your interview. If you don’t have it fixed before the marriage license is signed, then it’s a long process to fix it. So, just make sure you see everything is correct before concluding your interview.


4 – Walk away with your Marriage License.

Ready to get married!! There you have it, the step-by-step process for acquiring your NYC marriage license. Yes, I have shared a lot of detailed information but if you take it step-by-step, I promise it’s very straight forward. And luckily, for any of my couples I’m always a quick email away to provide answers, help or pinpointing your exact dates for securing your interview appointments.

Do we have to wait 24 hours before getting married?

Yes, before this New York City officiant can make it official. You must wait a minimum of 24 hours after obtaining your marriage license before you can have your wedding. Once the 24 hours have passed, let’s get you two hitched! Now, as with all things, there is an exception to this rule, and that’s if you have a Judicial Waiver. But that’s a whole other set of paperwork. So, unless it’s essential, we’d encourage you to enjoy an extra 24 hours in the city!

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Anything else our New york city Officiant can help us with?

After helping hundreds of couples get married, I have many resources and recommendations to help make all your planning easier. I make it my mission to keep in the good books of some of NYC’s best vendors and give you the inside scoop on awesome suppliers to choose. And if you really believe in the power of love, then you’ll definitely want that working for you on your wedding day. My husband, a highly sought after wedding & elopement photographer, and I work on many weddings together. Take a look at his work at www.saschareinking.com to see if hiring your New York City officiant and photographer as a team might be a better option for you.


Also, check out – and subscribe to – our YouTube Channel where we walk you through the license application process. Plus, a host of ideas and inspiration for all-things getting married in New York City. Are you ready for it?

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