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The Love Within the Details

Here’s the thing, most weddings are about the words and the tears but others are about the love within the details. When approaching the Cop Cot in Central Park for their ceremony, arm in arm with her Dad, Laura was one of my quiet brides but every inch of her shined with detail and thought for Robert. Her dress flowed in the wind and hugged her shoulders with delicate flowers made of lace. The buttons were so petite as they lined her back. I can only imagine the time it took her Mom to button each one. Although, as a mom, every minute spent helping my daughter get ready would be a gift.  The flowers she held in her hand were glorious by nature but picked with such intention that as she carried them even mother nature was beaming. The ringlet curls perfectly framing her neck with intertwining braids as if the two of them were holding hands. Even Laura’s earrings gave me a reason to smile as they were similar to ones Sascha gave me on our wedding day.

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.

-William Morris

Laura and Robert may you continue to see the love within the details on your journey through happiness.


#teamreinking Selfie with Laura & Robert

Elopement Team  – Jackie & Sascha – The New York City Elopement

OfficiantJackie Reinking – New York Elopement Officiant

PhotographsSascha Reinking Photography


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