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New York Online Wedding | A Guide to Video Ceremonies

The New York online wedding has made its big debut!

I’m a big fan!!

I had the privilege to officiate the New York online wedding of Martha and Luke on May 20, 2020. There are some truly magical things to be said about it this New York online wedding process.

Martha and Luke didn’t want to wait for new guidelines to be released on what the new ‘normal’ was going to be for a wedding. When Governor Cuomo signed the executive order giving couples the ability to get married virtually, they were happy to be one of the first in line.

Since ‘Project Cupid’ is such a new process, Martha & Luke, their witness Xiaoxi  as well as myself practiced the process of screen sharing for official signatures. Martha and Luke had invited immediate family members and some friends to join them for their New York online wedding ceremony. A little practice, or ‘wedding rehearsal’, seemed necessary for the 20 guests so that there weren’t going to be any hiccups during the Zoom wedding session.

New York Online Wedding

NY Online Wedding Day for Martha & Luke:

I opened up the Zoom wedding ceremony session up 15 minutes early but muted my sound and video until our couple appeared. I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to ‘arrive’ and get settled. One by one their 20 families & friends joined and chatted amongst themselves. Just as guests would if they were in person. Martha’s mom took great pride in introducing family and friends as they signed on so that everyone felt welcome. Martha & Luke arrived and everyone cheered. All were just so happy and grateful to be part of this special moment. Just as if we were all standing in the same room.

NYC Video Ceremonies

The Wedding Ceremony:

I always take such pride in doing any ceremony but this one was different. It was special because of it being my first New York online wedding. While we weren’t standing in the same space together, we were standing together and connected through the mission of love. The ceremony, like most ceremonies, had laughter and tears. We had a cat ring bearer. Martha selected and recited a reading for Luke. The couple shared their ‘I Dos’ and exchanged rings. By all counts this was a ceremony like all others that just happen to take place online. It was perfect!! Afterwards we shared screens and officially signed the marriage license. Martha and Luke were officially married. They were husband and wife. They were happy. That is all that mattered at that moment.

NYC Video Ceremonies

However, that’s not where the magic ends…

After the ceremony I told them I would leave the Zoom call open for as long as they would like to stay on the call. I muted my audio and video but while I wasn’t ‘on’ the call, I still was able to hear what was being said.

There are no words to convey how beautiful it is to sit and listen.  One by one each wedding guest congratulated and wished them well. In this moment, I realized how perfect a New York online wedding ceremony can be for couples. Each person had their own personal connection to the couple that day.

In addition, how often do you get a front row seat hearing every word shared in a ceremony from the officiant and the couple?

I walked away from this first ceremony on cloud nine. I couldn’t be happier with how this whole online ceremony turned out for Martha and Luke.

In these trying times, I’m just really grateful to Mayor de Blasio for the NY online wedding option for couples ready to get married. I’m a big believer in getting you married in whatever way feels right to you!!


If you need additional advice on whether a New York online wedding is right for you or have questions about getting married during a video ceremony, get in touch HERE. I can also be reached by phone or text at (646) 456-4555 or shoot me an email at JJReinking@gmail.com

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