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Is a virtual wedding right for you?

Our fearless leader in New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo, recently signed an executive order giving couples permission to have a virtual wedding.  Tying the knot will now be doable over the computer. And while some of you might be asking yourselves why anyone would ever consider a virtual wedding, I’m so excited about this new opportunity. 


New York with a personal perspective…

The reality is, we’re all living in uncertain times due to Covid-19 – and for those of us living in NYC, one of the epicenters of the crisis, we’re feeling the intensity of this new normal more than most. Every day at 11am, New Yorkers watch the news briefing from Governor Cuomo as he factually discusses how our fight against Covid-19 is evolving. We anxiously watch the numbers of fellow New Yorkers. We analyze the fluctuating numbers of those who have been diagnosed and admitted to the hospital. The fear is palpable across the state, because these are our people. 

On a more personal note, even though we’re scared, we put on a brave face because we all need a little bit of positivity right now. Most days, Sascha and I are up at 6:30am so that we can go outside and get some fresh air while the rest of our neighborhood is still asleep. Our daughter, Lucy, tags along every couple of weeks. It’s hard to limit her time outside, but it’s what we need to do to ensure her safety.

Like most of you, we’re confused and uncertain about what tomorrow brings. We’re holding everyone who is important to us closer than ever (from afar, of course). This is exactly why I’m so excited about the opportunity to marry couples virtually. Because getting married isn’t about everyone else. It’s about the bride and groom being able to make their love for each other official.

So, why should you consider a virtual wedding?

  • Tomorrow isn’t promised. No matter how safe you are being or how long you stay inside your apartment, the reality is that we’re all at risk. Now more than ever, couples feel like they can’t afford to wait to get married. You can always throw a party and celebrate the hell outta the marriage after this is all over. But for now, it’s important to just know that person is officially and legally your spouse, your love, your everything. 
  • There’s nothing like a good, affordable health insurance plan. Sure, this one isn’t as romantic, but doesn’t it feel good when your prescriptions are covered? Seriously, some couples need to secure their marriage so that their partner can be covered under their plan, and in these times, you can’t afford to not be covered. 
  • You belong together. Sure, it might seem weird to get married virtually, but as long as you’re together, that’s all that really matters. As for not having family and friends with you don’t worry! They are all invited to connect to the ceremony as well. No one said it had to be a private ceremony – the more the merrier on this ‘”I do via Zoom” ceremony. 

As for the emotional connection to the officiant, my performance, my care, my love, and my tender touch won’t be any different. Whether I’m standing with my couple in-person or virtually we will all be connected.  If you want to get married – I’ve got you. I will take care of you. And I will help you celebrate this moment for the two of you and with the two of you.  

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Virtual Wedding Assurance:

So, it’s simple. If you want to get married now and don’t want to wait, for whatever reason in your heart that makes sense, do NOT let anyone else stop you. Life is precious and unpredictable and being married to the one you love is now possible – even from your couch. 

At this time the NYC Marriage Bureau has not had adequate time to define and release the new process. After all, this exciting news was just released a few days ago. Rest assured, as soon as the new process is announced I’ll share it with all of you.

Additional Information:

If you need additional advice on whether a ‘virtual wedding is right for you’ or have questions about getting married get in touch HERE. I can also be reached by phone or text at (646) 456-4555 or shoot me an email at JJReinking@gmail.com

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