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Best Wedding Day Advice – Take in the Moments

It felt like a good day to offer my best wedding day advice to ‘Take in the Moments’ because today is the third wedding anniversary of my brother, Jamie and my now brother-in-law, Darren.

During the actual wedding ceremony but before announcing them married, I remind all couples to take a moment and truly take in the joy they are feeling.  A wedding day is filled with priceless moments but it’s over in a flash.  If we don’t get reminded to take it all in, we might miss something.  We might forget to process everything happening around us. The faces, the hugs, the gratitude and the love of all those we are surrounded by.

Jamie & Darren’s ‘Moment’:

My gratitude to just be at the wedding was overwhelming but the honor of officiating for them will top my all-time favorite moments in life.

I didn’t tell Jamie and Darren that I was adding this to the ceremony as I wanted it to be a special unexpected moment for them. And not only did I insist that they take a moment to feel the joy together but to also turn around and look at all the faces of those people that were sharing in this moment with them.

Yes, it was my brother’s wedding and his happiness means everything to me but the truth of the matter is that these guys are special.  On July 16, 2016 a group of people chosen by Jamie and Darren gathered to celebrate with them. However, we were the lucky ones! We were so grateful to have been able to share in their union that day at Houston Hall.

Amongst their guests were parents, their dog – Oscar, family members,  lots of friends, and colleagues. Some people sitting but most standing for a better look at the happy couple.  And it was as if the world stopped for all of us – it was silent – it was an outpouring of love, gratitude, joy, acceptance and lots of tears (me included).

Best of all, it’s a moment that Jamie and Darren will never forget and that can be recalled year after year because they took the time to take it all in when it counted.

A Toast to ‘Taking in the Moments’:

Jamie and Darren…Happy Anniversary! I raise a glass to another amazing year for the two of you.  And for everyone, take in your own moments so that you may carry it with you always.


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Additional Information:

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